Attitude, Behavior, & Attentiveness

All children are expected to follow instructions and behave in an appropriate and respectful manner during the lessons.  All children are expected to get into the water and be attentive as they are instructed and encouraged to practice the skills throughout the lesson.  Coach Sally strives to promote the child’s confidence, courage, and success with each session.

Coach Sally reserves the right to end the child’s participation in a session if they are distressed, jeopardizing the safety of themselves or other class participants, or disruptive to the learning environment or the attitudes of the other children in the classes. If a child is extremely anxious or upset, Coach Sally will not pressure the child to participate or get into the water, as this would not be conducive to the child’s learning experience. In instances where a child is extremely anxious and not willing to participate, she will encourage them to stay poolside to watch the class in hopes of promoting their comfort.  In these situations, she also encourages the parent to closely observe techniques she uses with others in the class to promote their willingness to participate.  See our FAQ for more information on this topic.

In instances of non-participation, Coach Sally reserves the right to withhold any refund.

Parent/Adult Attendance at Childrens’ Sessions

  • A parent of children enrolled in a Parent/Tot class is required to be in the water with the child.
  • In all other children’s classes, at least one adult or parent is required to stay as a safety observer. However, all parents are encouraged to stay and observe lessons so that they are able to continue working with their child, using the same techniques and verbal cues, when they are practicing away from class.
  • No child may be in or near the edge of the pool unless Coach Sally has told them to do so.
  • Before and after class, make sure your child does not get in or near the water.  All children must be closely supervised by YOU when they are on the pool deck or in the surrounding area of the back yard. Do not let them wander unattended.
  • If Coach Sally is in the deep end of the pool and your child will not or is not ready to swim in the deep end, the child will have to get out of the water unless you will agree to supervise their safety in the shallow end. We encourage the opportunity to practice, but you must sit close to them so that you may assist them if necessary.
  • While Coach Sally is in the water working with the children, she needs a parent’s help with the pool slide and diving board.  Please be prepared to turn the water on the slide on or off using the faucet.
  • A parent must assist when a child is using the “big slide” assuring safety as they climb the ladder, sit on the top, and slide down.  Sometimes it is necessary to hold their hand as they slide down.  They should NEVER stand on the top of the slide.
  • Small children should not climb up any slide without assistance.
  • When using the diving board, a parent MUST stand by the board to assist with general supervision and to make sure that a child does not jump off the board until Coach Sally tells them to do so.
  • All children are expected to follow instructions and behave in an appropropriate and respectful manner or appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken by Coach Sally.
  • Children coming to Parent-Tot classes MUST be in a swim diaper.

Fees, Payments & Refund Policies

See the Fee/Payment page for details related to policies around payment requirements.  There you will find policies and requirements related to fees, deposits, payments, refunds and cancellations.  Please review the section related to Weather Cancellations to understand how we manage the weather-related impacts to class.


Information provided to Swim and Learn will only be viewed and used by program staff to process registrations for classes, for notifications related to the program, and to maintain records related to our engagement with you. Our records, including your and your child’s demographic information, are maintained within a private Google Drive account that is only shared between Coach Sally and her two staff members.  Your name and email address is shared with Constant Contact for routing of some of our communications related to classes. The information you submit on the registration form is accessible by our web-site manager at Unicorn Webs, who has established an automated acceptance and routing of our registration forms to us and who provides a data table allowing us to access any records submitted that may fail to reach us. Should you use PayPal for payments, your information is maintained within the PayPal system as it relates to your payment and PayPal privacy rules apply.

Your information is not sold to third party vendors for use for other marketing campaigns.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability. We will make a reasonable attempt to accommodate those with disabilities.

Pool Maintenance

Swim and Learn is conducted in a pool that is heated and professionally maintained.  Testing and treatment of the water is performed weekly.

These policies may be changed at any time without notice.