Parent & Tot Water Familiarization (Ages 6 – 36 months)
Class Size – 3 Toddlers and 3 Parents

This class is one 45 minute session.

This class is designed for a parent/caregiver and child to be in the water together for  familiarization with the pool and its surroundings, working with an instructor, and gaining comfort in the water. You will be shown age-appropriate steps to help you to teach your child breath control and how to be comfortable with submersion. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to implement and practice these progressions. This is a great time to ask questions and discuss techniques to develop your child’s independence in the water. We encourage 2 to 3 sessions over the summer to reinforce the teaching progressions.

Preschool (Ages 3 to 5 years)
Group Class Size – 4

This class is a one-week (5 day unless otherwise noted), 45 minute session.

In this class we use age-appropriate techniques to successfully introduce your child to pool safety and to help your child learn and progress in basic swimming skills.  We teach techniques such as front and back float, coordinated leg kicks, breath control, and submersion games, including firemen’s pole and pool-bottom push-offs or bobs. As skills progress, your child will perform independent floats, swimming on top of the water, and assisted jumps into deep water.

Youth (Ages 6-16 years)
Group Class Size – 4

This class is a one-week (5 day unless otherwise noted), 45 minute session.

In the youth classes we use age and skill-level appropriate fun techniques to enhance your child’s success in basic and advanced swimming skills.  We strive to group children in classes with others who have like skill levels to promote confidence, accomplishment, and enjoyment.

Beginner or less experienced swimmers will learn basic arm strokes, coordinated leg kicks, front and back floating with roll-overs, breath control, and skills to promote comfort with deep water submersion. Children in this group will be taught to swim on top of the water for progressing distances.

Intermediate swimmers will be taught more effective breathing and kicking techniques. We will also focus on stroke development including rhythmic breathing, freestyle stroke, and back stroke. In addition they will be instructed on the basics of treading water and introduction to diving.

In classes with more advanced students, the focus will be on stroke refinement (freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke) and breathing, endurance, finishing skills, survival skills, and techniques used in competitive swimming.

Private for Child or Adult 
Class Size – 1

Semi-Private for Child or Adult
Class size – 2 or 3

Requests for private or semi-private lessons are accepted as we can accommodate them.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Private and Semi-Private classes are one 30-minute session. See the Fees & Payment tab.

After a brief assessment of your skill level, goals, and any limitations (time, skills, fears, handicaps), Coach Sally will teach swim techniques and water safety to enhance the student’s skills and comfort in the water.  At the conclusion of this lesson, she will discuss with you a plan for any future lessons based on your needs and goals.

These lessons will be scheduled around the group class calendar and are typically not scheduled during peak class months of May through June.  We will not attempt to schedule private or semi-private lessons unless a registration form has been submitted. 

While we feel that group classes provide the learner with a higher level of support, enjoyment, and feedback beyond the lessons being taught, we appreciate that there are situations where a group setting isn’t ideal. When that is the case, we recommend an evaluation session with Coach Sally to determine the best approach for lessons.

We get many requests for family lessons at a semi-private or group rate for parents and children together. Other than for Parent-Tot classes, Coach Sally feels this is not an ideal situation for learning for the children or the parents.  Young children and adults have different learning styles and paces, so trying to teach both together compromises success for all involved. Coach Sally feels that it is crucial for parents to learn to swim, but prefers to teach adults in an adult-only semi-private or private lesson.  

Typically we do not have enough demand to set up an adult group class.  However, we encourage adults to enlist teens or adult friends or relatives to join you for lessons to qualify for the lower-priced group sessions.  We will set up a group lesson if you register with a total of 4 people.  

Evaluation Session
Class size – 1:1

This 30-minute session provides an opportunity for Coach Sally to assess your skill level, goals, and any limitations (time, skills, fears, handicaps) to help determine if group classes or special accommodations are appropriate. At the conclusion of this session, she will discuss with you a plan for any future lessons based on your needs and goals.