2018 Parent-Tot Class Schedule

Watch this site for the 2019 class schedules.

We accept registrations beginning March 1.

Parent & Tot Water Familiarization (Ages 6 – 36 months)
Class Size – 3 Toddlers and 3 Parents

This class is one 45 minute session.

This class is designed for a parent/caregiver and child to be in the water together for  familiarization with the pool and its surroundings, working with an instructor, and gaining comfort in the water. You will be shown age-appropriate steps to help you to teach your child breath control and how to be comfortable with submersion. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to implement and practice these progressions. This is a great time to ask questions and discuss techniques to develop your child’s independence in the water. We encourage 2 to 3 sessions over the summer to reinforce the teaching progressions.

Waiting Lists are available when the class is filled.  If you do not find classes available, please send us an email and we will consider additional classes.  During August, classes are scheduled as interest is indicated, based on negotiation of a mutually acceptable date and time. 

Day of Week Date Time

# of openings