See the Pricing Table below after reviewing this important information.

Payment Requirements

Payment can be accepted in cash, bank drafts, personal checks or electronically using PayPal.

Annual Registration Fee

A one-time, non-refundable annual registration fee of $25 per participant will be added to the initial registration for the year. This fee will not be required for additional sessions during a season.  The registration fee is due with the deposit.

PayPal Payments

We recommend making your payments to Swim and Learn using PayPal.  Since we do not accept credit card payments,  PayPal provides you a secure alternative.  Use of PayPal provides more security for you and streamlines the deposit and final payment process.  Once registered for a class, the confirmation for your reservation will include a special link to our PayPal account.


When we enroll your child in a class, Coach Sally is committing to having that time available to serve you.  With the small class sizes, each reservation significantly impacts our ability to take on other clients, particularly on short notice.  Upon confirmation of registration from Swim and Learn, you will be asked to make a deposit or full payment to finalize your reservation, as described in the table below.  This deposit is credited towards the full payment for the class.  See the table below for details related to the amount of the deposit.  

All of our confirmations are sent via email.  It is helpful for you to add our email address (sallyandstaff@swimandlearn.com) to your address book to prevent our important communications related to your reservation and class from being filtered out as spam.

The reservation is not secured until a deposit is paid.  Deposits are due within 24 hours of the date we send our email confirmation or at the first lesson, whichever comes first.  For Group lessons, if a deposit is not received by the deadline, the class will be re-opened online and your reservation will be canceled if another student registers and pays a deposit for that class.  You will be notified of a cancellation of your reservation via an email.  If there is a hardship related to payment of the deposit within the required timeframe, please contact us.

Please do not send a deposit prior to our confirmation of a scheduled date and class time. If there is not a 24-hour window between this confirmation and the beginning of class, all fees are due at the first class.

Final Payment

After prepaying the deposit, final payment for the group lessons is expected no later than the first day of class.  Failure to make the final payment as required may lead to the student(s) being dropped from the class without refund of the deposit.  

For private and semi-private lessons, payment in full is expected within 24 hours of our email confirmation of your registration.  If payment is not received within that timeframe, the reservation will be cancelled. If the registration is confirmed for a session less than 24 hours out, full payment is expected at the time of the lesson.   If there is a hardship related to this requirement, please contact us.

Again, we encourage you to use PayPal for all payments to Swim and Learn.

Returned Checks

There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned checks.

Payment Address

If you are paying by check, make the check payable to Sally Ellis and mail or deliver to 560 Laurel Grove Lane, Orange Park, FL, 32073-5519.   

Cancellations and Refunds

Please review this section carefully.  Not all funds paid will be refunded based on information presented below.  As well, the Registration fee is non-refundable, as stated above.

  • For a Single Lesson (parent-tot, private, or semi-private) or a Single Class in a Class Package – A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given for any missed lesson in order to qualify for a make-up session. No refund will be given for missed classes other than weather cancellations. We will strive to provide a make-up opportunity or provide a credit when you have notified us of an impending absence. 
  • For a Class Package before the class begins – A minimum of 72 hours notice is requested for cancellation of a class package.  With this notice of 72 hours, we will work with you to reschedule the classes or to process a refund of any payments made, with the exception of a per-student $25 processing fee and the per-student $25 administration fee, if applicable to the canceled lesson.  
  • For Withdrawal from a Class Package during the week of classes – If the class is already in process and, after attending one or more classes, a decision is made to withdraw, we will withhold $25 for each day of classes that have been attended (even if the child did not participate), a $25 processing fee and the $25 administration fee, if applicable.
  • Due to Rain/Weather – If a class is canceled by Swim and Learn for inclement weather,  an attempt will be made to reschedule.  Please be aware when you register that our pool is an open-air pool, thus, lessons may be impacted by weather.  Inclement weather does not automatically mean a class cancellation.  We do not automatically refund for classes cancelled for weather; instead, we will work with you to arrange a make-up class.

Late-August Discount

During August, we will be offering a class fee discount for students who have taken a class previously during the season. The Group class fee of $125.00 will be reduced to $100 for 5 days of class for the classes beginning August 6th.


 Please be sure to review the Class Information page for additional requirements related to signing up for a class or private or semi-private lesson.  All pricing listed below is PER STUDENT.

 Class  Price  Deposit

 Water Familiarization 

 Class size limit –

 3 children & 3 parents/adults

 One 45 minute session

$35*  100% of total fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation  of  booking or at the class, whichever comes first
 Evaluation Session 

 1 to 1 assessment for child or adult 

 One 30 minute session

Pricing is per student, per single lesson.



100% of total fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation  of  booking or at the class, whichever comes first
 Private Instruction

 1 to 1 instruction for child or adult

One 30 minute session

Pricing is per student, per single lesson.

$100* Single and multiple sessions:

100% of total fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation of booking or at the lesson, whichever comes first

 2 or 3 participants – children or adult   One 45 minute session. Pricing is per student, per single lesson.
$50* Single and multiple sessions:

100% of total fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation of booking or at the lesson, whichever comes first

Note: This pricing does not apply to group classes where we might coincidentally have less than 4 students register.


  4 participants

  Five days of class, 45 minute sessions   

 ** On holiday weeks, 3 and 4 day class fees will be reduced accordingly.

 Pricing is per student for one-week lesson package per the Class Schedule.

$125*  $50 Deposit Plus

 $25 Registration Fee where applicable

 The $50 deposit is attributed to the total class payment. 

 Due within 24 hours of confirmation of reservation or  at the lesson, whichever comes first

 Group Class for Adults

  4 partcipants – One 45-minute session

Pricing is per student per single lesson.

(If group signs up for 5 lessons, pricing will be same as children’s group pricing)

$50*  Single Session 

 100% of total fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation of booking

 * For the first lesson or first set of lessons of the season a $25.00 Annual Registration Fee is added to the class price.